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Welcome to my world, the world of The Domestic Princess. I am a wife and mother of 5 beautiful children. I also have two kittens named Molly and Maisie. We all live together in a surprisingly structured, and very, very happy home. I am totally devoted to my family, I love life and all that it offers. Home decorating, shopping, cooking, eating out, travel, collecting antiques and fine china, ebay, and all things pink and roses……oooh I just love roses ~ these things are all a part of my world. I have teenagers, a toddler and children in between. At the moment, if I am not changing a nappy (while teetering on my ridiculously high heels), I seem to be beside my daughter giving her driving lessons. My life is diverse, never without something happening and amazing. This blog is about me, my life experiences and everything that makes my world, the world of the Domestic Princess………

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A rosie room now complete.....

Just recently my youngest daughter turned 2. So it was time to make her nursery into a "big girl's" room and for her to have her first bed. This antique brass and iron bed was my first bed, purchased from a sweet little antique store in a country town called Rutherglen. It was bright purple when it joined our family, but in no time it had been transformed into it's original colour ~ black. I have always loved it, when my first daughter moved from her cot, she was given this old bed too, then it was handed down to my second daughter. Now, my two older girls each have their own antique beds and it is time for my littlest Princess to be the new owner. I have always loved this bed and it over the years it has had been adorned in many different bedding sets, but each time it has been covered in roses. My old bed, together with my Grandmothers chair and my Grandfathers first chest of drawers, has given my little Princess such a delightful room, full of memories of times and people that I will always cherish. I am enjoying the memories she is creating for us both as she drifts to the land of nod each night in her special sanctuary, that she so happily calls her "big girl" room.........

Blessings from The Domestic Princess xx


  1. Hi! I finally found your blog! I think you came over to visit and somehow I was never able to find my way here but I'm so glad I did because your blog and your home are just lovely and your daughter's room is absolutely darling! I host a Linky Party every Friday and would love to have you join in the fun sometime...it is a great way to meet other folks and "show off" a bit! :-)
    Look forward to seeing much more of you here in blogland!

  2. Your room is precious! What a sweet treasure sharing the bed with each child as they grow!
    They will remember this all their lives!