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Welcome to my world, the world of The Domestic Princess. I am a wife and mother of 5 beautiful children. I also have two kittens named Molly and Maisie. We all live together in a surprisingly structured, and very, very happy home. I am totally devoted to my family, I love life and all that it offers. Home decorating, shopping, cooking, eating out, travel, collecting antiques and fine china, ebay, and all things pink and roses……oooh I just love roses ~ these things are all a part of my world. I have teenagers, a toddler and children in between. At the moment, if I am not changing a nappy (while teetering on my ridiculously high heels), I seem to be beside my daughter giving her driving lessons. My life is diverse, never without something happening and amazing. This blog is about me, my life experiences and everything that makes my world, the world of the Domestic Princess………

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cabbage roses......

I just adore this little chair that spends it's time gracing the room of my daughter. My Grandmother purchased this in the late 1960's and it was covered in a lavender fluffy upholstery and the sweet curved metal was painted gold. My Father re-upholstered it for my second daughter around 10 years ago, and now it sits sweetly and proudly in my littlest girls bedroom. I have an absolute passion for cabbage roses and Laura Ashley. I found this gorgeous Laura Ashley print, I think from memory Bunched Roses? which is very similar to my all time favourite Clarissa, recently on a shopping expedition. I purchased the bedding and extra pillow cases, and thankfully one pillow case was enough to cover the whole chair. I am sooooo happy with the end result and the way that it compliments my daughters room. I love it when she climbs on top and seems so happy with her achievement! My daughter is named after my Grandmother, so I guess it is quite fitting that she be the one to have this delightful little chair.

Blessings from The Domestic Princess xx

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