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Saturday, October 9, 2010


Recently while out for coffee, we came across these very cute take away coffee cups. My husband was able to buy some for me, so that he can make me a take away coffee.

Oooh, I just love my evening coffee!

Blessings, The Domestic Princess xx


  1. Thanks for coming by and for your kind words. You're always welcome!

    Your new cups are adorable. That is the prettiest and swirliest cup of coffee I have ever seen. Yum!

    Have a good weekend.
    ~Melissa :)

  2. WOW that is one great looking cuppa JAVA!!~

  3. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I really like yours! You have a beautiful home. Nice to meet you, new friend.

  4. Lovely cups, I can see why you like them so much!
    Drop by my blog and grab a latte. We have a new super duper coffee expresso machine.

    I am showing some pretty latte designs too and a recipe for pumpkin spice latte. I'm your newest follower. Cheers! Linda

  5. Hi!
    I just found your blog and it's super cute! That coffee looks so delicious, the machine is really chic too. Coffee always tastes better with a neat design on top, don't ya think? I noticed your china set, it's gorgeous. That's the china set my mom has that I'm hoping one day is passed down to me. It's so lovely! Stop by my blog some time for a chat!