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Welcome to my world, the world of The Domestic Princess. I am a wife and mother of 5 beautiful children. I also have two kittens named Molly and Maisie. We all live together in a surprisingly structured, and very, very happy home. I am totally devoted to my family, I love life and all that it offers. Home decorating, shopping, cooking, eating out, travel, collecting antiques and fine china, ebay, and all things pink and roses……oooh I just love roses ~ these things are all a part of my world. I have teenagers, a toddler and children in between. At the moment, if I am not changing a nappy (while teetering on my ridiculously high heels), I seem to be beside my daughter giving her driving lessons. My life is diverse, never without something happening and amazing. This blog is about me, my life experiences and everything that makes my world, the world of the Domestic Princess………

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My first post on my new blog........

Welcome!! I'm so glad that you have dropped by, and that you can take a peek into my world. I love being a stay at home Mum, and spending time with my family and decorating our world with loads of loveliness. I live in Melbourne, Australia, where we seem to often experience four seasons in one day! We are now entering Spring time here, the trees are full of blossoms and the air smells of sunshine. Christmas items are now starting to fill the stores and in the next month or so, excitement will start to spill into our homes, as we decorate for the Christmas holiday season. I'd love it if you would drop back sometime, and join me on my journey into the blogosphere!

Blessings from The Domestic Princess xoxo


  1. Hi and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! YAY, I am your very first follower!=)

    Christmas decor is filling the store isles here too! I look forward to following you and enjoy that spring time weather. XOXO ~Liz

  2. Welcome to blogging. I do believe you will enjoy it very much. Glad to be following you back. I can see you have lots of neat decor and treasures. Every Friday I have a thrift party...then every other Wed. I do a before and after party. I am taking tomorrow off though, we are out of town for the weekend. See you soon.

  3. Thank you so much Liz and Debbie! I look forward to following you both. xx